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General Economics

Table of Contents (summer term 2008)

A. Economic Foundation

  1. Basic Concepts of Economic Theory
  2. Basic Concepts of Economic Policy
  3. Important Problems of an Economy
B. Economic Problems of the European Economy
  1. Structure of the European Union
  2. Economic Problems of Selected Members of the European Union
  3. Eastern Enlargement of the European Union
  4. Selected Empirical Data – An Overview
C. Final Comments

Objective of the module. Passing this module imparts an understanding of the complex relationship between companies and their economic environment. Regarding microeconomics, students learn different ways of price formation depending on the market structure. Students are also qualified to evaluate macroeconomic problems, such as unemployment or inflation. Moreover, students learn to assess current topics of economic policy. All these qualifications are necessary for a sound contribution to any business activity on a national, European, or world-wide level.