Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Hagen Bobzin
Tentenstrasse 5
53225 Bonn – Germany

Date of birth: 12 Oct. 1965
Place of birth: Jülich (Germany)
Nationality: German
Family status: married
Elementary school: 1972 – 1976 at Linnich (Germany)
Secondary school: 1976 – 1985 at Jülich (Germany)
"Abitur" in May 1985
Basic military service
July 1985 – September 1986 at Geilenkirchen (Germany)
September 1986 – May 1991
Studies of Economics at the University of Siegen (Germany)
Diploma degree in Economics
Diploma thesis: Selected Extensions of the Basic Model in the Theory of International Trade: Economies of Scale and Imperfect Competition
June 1991 – February 1997
Doctoral Degree in Economics at the University of Siegen with Prof. Dr. Walter Buhr
Doctoral thesis: Indivisibilities: Microeconomic Theory with Respect to Indivisible Goods and Factors (details)
Mark: summa cum laude
Habilitation (Venia Legendi for Economics)
February 1997 – July 2004
Habilitation lecture: Strategies of Regional Growth (29. July 2004)
Habilitation thesis: Principles of Network Economics (details)