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Introduction to Problems of the European Economy

Table of Contents (summer term 2008)

A. Economic Foundation

  1. Basic Concepts of Economic Theory
    1. Decisions of Economic Actors
    2. Determinants of Welfare
    3. Trade in the Circular Flow of Income
    4. National Accounting (ESA95)
  2. Basic Concepts of Economic Policy
    1. Economic Systems
    2. Conception of the German Social Market Economy
    3. Economic Constitution
  3. Important Problems of an Economy
    1. Problems of Stability
    2. Problems of Distribution
    3. Problems of Growth
B. Economic Problems of the European Economy
  1. Structure of the European Union
    1. The Institutions of the European Community
    2. The Common Market of 1993
    3. The Economic and Monetary Union
  2. Economic Problems of Selected Members of the European Union
    1. Germany
    2. France
    3. Italy
    4. United Kingdom
  3. Eastern Enlargement of the European Union
    1. Selected Problems of the New Member States
    2. Comparison of Old and New Member States
    3. Regional Policy in a New Setting
  4. Selected Empirical Data – An Overview
    1. General Economic Conditions
    2. Production Factor Labor
    3. Production Factor Capital
    4. Economic Outcomes
C. Final Comments